Ćuk Carpentry, owned by Nedjeljko Ćuk (hereinafter: “we”, “us”, “our”, etc.) is the owner of the website stolarija-cuk.hr (the “website”). This privacy policy statement was drafted to show you that we care about the privacy of our users, and to inform you about the means of collecting and processing personal data on our website. Please read this Statement carefully to learn how we collect, process, protect or use your personal data.

1. Conditions of Use:

The conditions of using written materials and lists of products and services (materials) from the Ćuk Carpentry website stated herein form the rules relating to all the users of said website. Any use of www.stolarija-cuk.hr is subject to conditions set out below.

Any content published on www.stolarija-cuk.hr belongs to Ćuk Carpentry and may be used solely for private and non-commercial purposes, and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any other way without the written approval of Ćuk Carpentry.

Website Functionality

Ćuk Carpentry shall make reasonable efforts to keep the website www.stolarija-cuk.hr fully functional and to make sure that all the published information is accurate and complete, but we shall not be responsible for occasional website breakdowns, possible inaccurate information caused by third parties, or for any damage that occurs by using the inaccurate or incomplete information or by the inaccessibility to the latter. The website www.stolarija-cuk.hr is accessed via the internet. The internet is international computer network and it is not controlled by Ćuk Carpentry, but only connected to it, and for that reason we cannot guarantee the availability of service and information we do not directly control. Ćuk Carpentry reserves the right of modification of any content published on www.stolarija-cuk.hr at any time and without prior notice.

The conditions set out above apply to the following segments:

Data Security

For the data security on this website, and to make sure that this service is accessible to all the users, this computer system uses software programs which monitor the visits to the web and recognize unauthorized attempts of dispatch or modification of data, as well as those that could cause damage in some other way. The unauthorized attempts of dispatch or modification of data in this location are strictly prohibited.

Data Secrecy

Ćuk Carpentryc collects data on statistical processing of the number of visits to website www.stolarija-cuk.hr. We hereby point out that, while visiting these pages, your personal data remain secret. We guarantee that, apart from a possible judicial investigation, we shall not disclose information received to other parties. In no case shall we deliver or disclose user data to third parties. The exception to this is the inspection by authorized services of executive and judicial power of the Republic of Croatia, for the purpose of investigations based on a valid injunction. We do not offer or provide services and products of third parties on our website.

Guarantees and Denial of Rights

The material on this internet location is available without guarantees of any kind, explicit or implicit. Every user expressly agrees to the use of this internet location on his sole responsibility. Ćuk Carpentry does not guarantee that his internet location will be accessible and available at all times, or that it won’t contain errors or viruses or that data published on it will be correct and reliable.

Ćuk Carpentry cannot be held liable for any loss or damage (including, but not limited to indirect or consequential damage) incurred as a result of the use or inability to use any part of this internet location, or something that was already published on it or added by other users.

Furthermore, Ćuk Carpentry does not assume any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the data here represented and does not guarantee that the use of information, products or procedures will not violate private rights.

Ćuk Carpentry does not give any guarantee or right of objection in terms of accuracy or completeness of any material that can be found on its website and those materials shall be taken as they are, and Ćuk Carpentry does not consider itself responsible for possible consequences that could arise out of different interpretations of the website material.

The media subjects and other users using this website explicitly accept to compensate the Ćuk Carpentry for any claims, expenses, damages or liabilities caused by careless use of the web material by the same user, including any direct, indirect, casual, special or consequential damage.

Data Accuracy

Not all data contained on the website www.stolarija-cuk.hr is supposed to be fully complete or accurate. Ćuk Carpentry does not guarantee the full accuracy or completeness of data published. In the rare event of a mistake, the Ćuk Carpentry shall try to rectify it while updating the website. The accuracy of the data published on the website depends greatly on the method of disclosing such data in publicly available sources.

Any content published on this web is subject to copyright protection. Unauthorized use of any part of the website and its content is considered as copyright infringement and is subject to legal action.

2. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Data is considered personal if there is a high probability for an individual to be identified based on such data. The scope of data covered by GDPR has not significantly change, apart from adding network identifiers which are considered personal data.

  • basic data – name and surname, ID card no., location data
  • credit card data
  • medical records (disability, medical history, etc.)
  • biometric data (iris scan, fingerprints etc.)
  • genetic data (DNA, etc.)
  • religious or philosophical beliefs
  • ethnicity
  • economic situation
  • trade-union membership
  • sexual orientation or sexual life
  • IP address
  • personal e-mails
  • browser cookies
  • pseudonymous data

Your privacy is important to us, and that is why we imposed these conditions governing the means of collecting, retaining and using personal data that you voluntarily transmit as a user of our website by accessing our website.

In terms of these conditions, personal data is data relating to an individual, natural or legal person, on the basis of which they can be identified directly or indirectly. Ćuk Carpentry processes your personal data in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, solely and exclusively for the purpose for which it was acquired, and the conditions relate exclusively to the personal data collected from online sources that include the link to our website. Personal data collection from any other sources is excluded. Personal data is retained pursuant to applicable legal requirements for the time period necessary for the fulfilment of stated purpose.

GDPR sets out a few principles regarding personal data processing, and the Ćuk Carpentry undertakes to comply with them as they form the key part of the GDPR. Those principles are the following:

  • we may process data only on a valid legal basis, in a fair and transparent way in relation to the respondent/user
  • we must necessarily state all processing purposes for which data is collected
  • we may only collect data which is relevant and necessary for the fulfilment of the processing purpose
  • data shall be accurate and up-to-date
  • we may not store data longer that it is needed to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected
  • we shall protect personal data from illegal or unauthorized processing, accidental loss or destruction
  • we are able to demonstrate compliance with the abovementioned principles

If you would like to find out whether we own and process your personal data, or if you wish to access personal data we have on you, please contact us at ana@stolarija-cuk.hr.

If you think that your personal data was handled inappropriately you have a right to:

  • get informed whether we own your data
  • access your personal data that we own
  • ask for a copy of personal data that we own, in an interoperable format
  • correct inaccurate data that we own (along with providing correct data)
  • transfer personal data to another controller (if the trade has one at the given moment)
  • stop the data processing for the purpose of direct marketing
  • lodge a complaint to automated decision-making
  • delete all data that we own in relation to you

You can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in relation to our collecting and processing of your personal data at any time. In the Republic of Croatia, you can lodge a complaint with the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

For the protection of security and confidentiality of personal data of the users that we collect online, we use prescribed security technologies and procedures, and all data is password-protected. Ćuk Carpentry takes all necessary measures to protect your personal data from risks such as loss, abuse, unauthorized access, destruction, etc. Ćuk Carpentry shall regularly delete personal data that is no longer needed or relevant and it shall strictly comply with the principles of integrated Privacy Shield.

To prove the compliance of Ćuk Carpentry with the GDPR, we will manage detailed records of our processing activities, we will cooperate with supervisory authorities and occasionally carry out an impact assessment in relation to data protection, and we have appointed the authorized data protection officer (DPO), who you can contact at ana@stolarija-cuk.hr.

Ćuk Carpentry may collect and process anonymous data on the access to its website and search carried out by the visitors. Such anonymous data is used for internal purposes of improving the products and services, as well as for the production of internal statistics.

For the abovementioned purpose, our website uses cookies that collect data in relation to your e-mail address, domain name and the date and time of accessing the website. Cookies may not be used for the disclosure of your identity. Cookies that we use are the following:

Duration: 2 years
Purpose: Uses Google Analytics to distinguish users

Duration: 1 minute
Purpose: Uses Google Analytics to regulate the number of requests

Duration: 24 hours
Purpose: Used for the user identification

Duration: 1 year
Purpose: Provides protection from activities related to the online identity theft

Duration: 2 years
Purpose: Session cookies are used for recording and memorizing actions of the users at the website itself, for example: entering data into forms or choosing the language. Information from the user’s computer is not collected.

By using this website, you consent to this privacy policy.

You can send us your comments, complaints or suggestions for the improvement of these terms and conditions by an e-mail to the address: stolarija-cuk@stolarija-cuk.hr.

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