Šegrt Hlapić Award

On 1 July 2010, during the celebration of the Day of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the 16th anniversary of its restoration, the Golden Hands (Zlatne ruke) awards were awarded for a long-term work in crafts and crafts development at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. On the same occasion, the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship also awarded the „Šegrt Hlapić“ awards with the aim of promoting education for vocational and craft professions. The „Šegrt Hlapić“ is awarded according to the criteria set out in the Decision on awarding the «Šegrt Hlapić» award to the best school for the education programme for craft professions, the best master-professional teacher and the best apprentice. According to the data collected from the regional chambers of crafts this year, seven secondary vocational schools, ten masters – expert teachers and nine apprentices were proposed for the award. Mr. Nedjeljko Ćuk, the owner of the craft for the manufacture of construction joinery and furniture ĆUK CARPENTRY from Stubičke Toplice, received the award for the best master – expert teacher. During many years of business of this craft, more than 40 apprentices of woodworking have been trained. Mr. Nedjeljko Ćuk achieved 60 points and the highest number of points among the ten contestants. Currently, 11 apprentices in training from the Secondary Vocational School, and 12 former apprentices are currently employed at the Ćuk Carpentry.

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