Furniture made with golden hands

The diligent hands that create furniture for more than thirty-six years, that is the best description of the Ćuk Carpentry from Stubičke Toplice. In 2005, the diligent hands became „golden “, for the exceptional product quality and results achieved in the improvement of vocational education…
»Everything was started by my father, Stjepan Ćuk, in 1974, when he founded the craft workshop named Ćuk Carpentry (Stolarija Ćuk)«, says Nedjeljko Ćuk, this year’s laureate of the Golden hand award, awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the owner of family craft. Initially, the workshop operated in a room of 60 square meters, with only employee, producing construction joinery, mainly windows and doors. In 1979., Stjepan Ćuk employed one worker, and in 1986. another one, and the workshop with three employees in 200 square meters operated until the beginning of the nineties of the last century Then, due to his father’s illness, son Nedjeljko took over the business, thus continuing the long-standing family tradition and extending the assortment to the manufacture of furniture. Today, the Ćuk Carpentry has 43 workers and 9 apprentices of woodworking profession employed.
The craft workshop consists of a manufacturing plant of 1270 square meters, a closed storage space of 550 square meters and an open storage space of 1200 square meters. In the showroom, the customers can be assured of the quality and professionalism of the master carpenter. As a part of the workshop, there is a drying chamber, ecological boiler room and a closed system varnishing chamber, where the furniture is varnished with ecological paints.
Today, the Ćuk Carpentry offers modern designed furniture for furnishing business and residential buildings. The offer includes all types of customized doors. Custom-made construction joinery, and they emphasize that the entire range of products is produced with the state-of-art machines which contribute to environmental protection.
During thirty years of business, this craft workshop has been experiencing a steady upward trend and has gained a great reputation both among the buyers and craftsmen colleagues. In addition, good relationships with customers and suppliers of reproduction material has been established, so that they could have a faster and better manufacture. All of this has enabled them to be recognized on the market as one of the most successful economic entities within their business sector.
»For many years now, the workshop has been cooperating with the Secondary School Oroslavlje in the field of education of carpentry apprentices. Many generations of students have gone through our carpentry, and I think that it is extremely important for the future, not only of the carpentry craftsmanship, but of the craftsmanship in general.
In that way, we teach young people to appreciate the work and acquire work ethic from young. By going in this direction, we are also going in the direction of future, thus creating the basis for the advancement of crafts as a base for the Croatian economy «, emphasizes Nedjeljko Ćuk.
ISO 9001:2008 is a generally accepted international standard for quality management, a flexible system of requirement that easily adapt to the individual needs of each organization. A well-planned, introduced and certified quality management system brings steady improvements to customer relationship quality, management, planning, process efficiency and business results.
The Ćuk Carpentry has established and certified a quality management system in June 2006. Our approach to the quality is also defined by the quality policy, one of the basic management systems.

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